How To Create Positive Visibility in Your Organization

Dec 16, 2019

How To Create Positive Visibility in Your Organization 

Do you ever feel like you have to wait for opportunity to come knocking to get the visibility that you deserve at work? Have you wondered if flying under the radar was a safer bet? 


It is not uncommon to feel like you have to wait to get invited to the party before you can join in, but at work, creating opportunity and putting yourself out there holds a lot of value. Having positive visibility within your organization is an important component of your professional development. Not only does it allow others to see what you bring to the table, but it brings the opportunity to participate in projects and leadership roles. When colleagues across your organization see your value, they can be important advocates not only within your company but across your industry. 


Getting widespread recognition at work might seem like an intimidating feat, but it is easier than you think. All it takes is a little initiative. Check out our tips below for ideas on standing out and speaking up. 


Root Others On

Celebrate others’ successes, whether it be a promotion or a job well done on a project. Send a congratulations email (consider CCing others so that they get additional kudos!) or share the good news at a team meeting. Even the most humble colleague appreciates a job well done, and you will then be remembered for a positive celebratory moment. 


Ask Others Questions

Ask your colleagues questions about their work, or set up meetings just to pick your co-workers’ brains. Often, frustrations across an organization are due to a project being implemented without gathering feedback and information from others. When starting a new initiative, brainstorm how the idea might impact other teams. Even if that team is not a part of the implementation process, might this project impact them further down the line? If so, be sure to include them in the process by asking questions. When others are asked to be a part of the solution, they are then more likely to be invested in the project’s success. 


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

If a team or individual had an impact on your or your team’s success, be sure to acknowledge it. Sometimes the teams behind the scenes (finance, HR, marketing) are forgotten once the project hits the market. These teams’ impact is just as important as the team or individual that unveils or implements the project. 


Share Interesting Information With Colleagues (Articles, Blogs, and Podcasts)

Share the wealth! As you come across interesting tidbits, save them to a folder or email them to yourself as a reminder to send to coworkers. Whether sending to multiple people at once or individually – consider a personal note such as: “This reminded me of what we talked about yesterday. I love this idea of community at work! Check it out, let me know what you think.” By introducing the topic and asking for feedback, it invites others to be a part of the conversation. 



Whether volunteering for a committee or a good cause, volunteering is a great way to be seen as a doer. While it can be difficult to make time, think of volunteering as an investment in yourself and your community. Not only does it allow the opportunity to meet others across your organization, but you are also able to make a positive impact by contributing to something larger than yourself. 


Stay in touch  

Keep tabs on your colleagues. Ask them how they are doing, whether it is something in their personal life or a project they are working on. If need be, consider setting a reminder every few weeks to check in with a few of your colleagues. Others will appreciate it, and they will start to check in with you too. This builds community and makes everyone feel valued. As Momma always said, treat others how you would like to be treated. It will come back to you ten-fold! 


These simple ideas do not require a lot of time, and you reap the benefit of being seen as a positive colleague who values teamwork and collaboration. When you put yourself out there, you might be surprised by what comes back to you. The invitation to champion or support a new initiative is not far away. 

If you would like to strategize ways to build your visibility at work, a career coach can help you identify action steps to put yourself out there. Check out our executive coaching services and sign up for a free consultation here.