Positive Leadership: Influencing Others

When you get promoted from a “doer” to a “leader”, one of the hallmarks of that transition is the need to influence others, starting with the team you supervise. As you go higher in the organization, you must also learn to influence people beyond your team: your colleagues, your boss, other senior executives, even external stakeholders like suppliers, customers and law-makers. Your effectiveness is no longer simply the output of your own work… you need others to buy-in if you’re going to succeed. Whether supervising others, working to get buy-in on a project or championing a change, you now need to influence others towards a desired outcome. And the higher you want to go, the more critical influencing skill becomes.

Tame Your Job Stress Tiger

If you are good at your job, you may find yourself being tasked with additional work such as implementing new initiatives or working with high profile clients. It is a common trend – those who do good work get more work. This can leave high-performing and trusted...