Executive Coaching

Perspective. Growth.

Executive Coaching

You can’t change or grow what you can’t see.

Executive coaching is all about building self-awareness and modifying behavior.   Once you become self-aware, we can begin to build upon your strengths and develop areas that need improvement.  This professional and personal development creates positive and sustainable behavior change. And behavior change, in turn, produces measurable performance results.

Nearly every executive can benefit from this type of support.  In some cases, executive coaching is sponsored by the executive’s organization; but many individuals also choose to hire their own coach privately.  Either way, leadership professionals benefit from executive coaching in a variety of situations, including:

  • Assuming a new position of supervision, management or leadership
  • Forming a new team
  • Starting-up a new business or division
  • Leading change in the face of crisis, uncertainty, and ambiguity
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Navigating work/life demands in healthy and productive ways
  • Effectively facing new, unique or challenging circumstances

A 1:1 coaching model focuses on building self-awareness and then developing specific skills to create a more effective leader while reducing the inevitable stress that comes with the position.  The key word is “effectiveness.”  If something doesn’t change for the better, coaching isn’t working.




  • Clear understanding of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, not only from your own point of view but also the perspective of key stakeholders
  • Learn to develop new leadership approaches, models, and skills in areas such as people skills, influencing, team creation and development, emotional intelligence, and more
  • Improve your confidence and strength in dealing with difficult people, handling conflict, managing stress and more
  • Balance your work with a full life in ways that benefit your organization, your family and most of all: you.
  • Achieved your goals faster and easier than going it alone.
  • Strategize for successful career development, such as a desired promotion.
  • Improve your focus, while reducing your stress.
  • Make more effective decisions.
  • Renew your sense of engagement, commitment, and confidence at work.

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