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Do you feel stuck in your current job?  Unhappy, not moving forward – and yet unable to see a way out.  Or maybe you are frustrated by a fruitless job search…sending resumes for dozens of job openings, but getting no response. Or interviewing but failing to win a job offer. Something isn’t working but you don’t know what.

If any or all of these apply to you, then you’re ready for a new approach.

Career Coaching provides useful confidential support in planning and managing your career — while keeping one eye squarely on the quality of your life. Just as sports teams use coaches to organize and bring out the best in the athletes, professionals and entrepreneurs benefit from the skills, perspective and guidance of a skilled career coach.


Are you looking to take your leadership effectiveness to the next level? Do you feel drained by difficult people, conversations, and relationships? Are you looking to make positive changes to teams?  Your influence? Are you feeling there’s no balance in work/life?

If you are ready to take an honest look inside, and fuel your growth with learning, support, insights and guidance, you’re ready for Executive Coaching.

Executive coaching is confidential professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change (including your own behaviors), manage complexity, and build top performing teams.  And we will be sure to keep one eye on you, and what you need to thrive, including stress management, personal wellness, and work/life balance.

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“Ed is an asset to any individual who is willing to ask themselves tough questions about where they want to be and what they need to live their own truth. I will hire him again and again. He is an excellent coach and a wonderful person.”

Finding Balance in Return to Office Mandates

Finding Balance in Return to Office Mandates

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The Case for Neurodivergent Workspaces

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Working Mindfully: Life Hacks on Productivity and Wellness

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