I’m thrilled to share that I’ve just landed a new job as Director of Employee Giving! With this new role, I’ve successfully pivoted back to a career in nonprofit development, after stepping away from it 6 years ago.

Before working with you, I had been invited to interview for 12% of the jobs I applied for, and I had only reached first- and second-round interviews. After working with you, I was invited to interview for 55% of the jobs I applied for, and I began to reach third-, fourth-, and fifth-round interviews. I attribute this dramatic change in performance to your coaching, which helped me better tell my story by reinventing my resume and cover letter and preparing for interviews more effectively.

Furthermore, as my momentum picked up in the search, so did my confidence, leading me to submit for more advanced positions I never would have considered before working with you. My new salary will represent an increase of 13% from my current salary, and my prospects for professional development and advancement will be much stronger at my new job.

Thank you for meeting me where I was. Your encouragement helped me try new tactics and step outside of my comfort zone to grow. I am grateful for your kind guidance and excited to set off on this new professional adventure!

Sarah Wright

Director of Employee Giving

I began working Ed, because I was seeking help with a variety of leadership challenges in my position with the National Park Service. Ed has helped me with making very solid decisions related to staff challenges and with growing my career. He has also helped me to focus and prioritize. Additionally, he has helped me to look at problems in different ways, thereby finding meaningful solutions. Overall, Ed has helped me to become a better leader.
Johnny Carawan

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Ed was instrumental in assisting me with a major career transition. His approach was to help me identify the steps to evaluating my skills and the opportunity to embrace a change in direction. He was very personable and I have recommended him to other people going through the challenge of a career change.

It was a very valuable use of my time and I appreciated Ed’s careful approach during a stressful time of weighing my future.

Dona Warner

Art Organizations

I have greatly enjoyed having Ed Hunter as my supervisor. I had previously worked under a difficult boss and Ed renewed my faith in good management.

Ed is a people person through and through. Our different personalities complemented our working relationship very well and we were able to pull the best out of each other. I credit Ed with helping me to polish the business side of myself and encouraging me to focus my professional goals.

I was extremely sad to no longer work with Ed but he made it possible for me to land my new position- Employer Relations Coordinator by giving me an excellent reference during the interview process. He even coached me for the interview! He’s a one-of-a-kind boss.

Megan Haupt

Founder at Hungry

I was at a crossroads when I met Ed. I had taken time off from my undergraduate studies to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my life, and I sought his advice to help me make that decision. What to study? Art or business? “Passion” or “Security”? Did I even want to go back to school? How would this choice affect me in the future?

Ed was kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. His advice spanned beyond career coaching. He was receptive and truly interested in helping me make my next big step forward. And he never hesitated to tell it like it was! He was always direct and honest with me.

After going through Ed’s process and thinking about his advice, I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in business. I returned to Temple University as a student of the Fox School of Business. I was thrown into calculus, statistics, accounting, data analysis, finance, law, PHP programming, IT architecture, operations management, etc… Subjects I thought I’d never study. The students were more serious, the professors more demanding, and the competition was more fierce than I had ever experienced. Professionalism was paramount. Fortune 500 internships were expected.

Because of Ed’s advice (and dumb luck – I had no idea what I was walking into), I joined one of the best business schools in the United States, and I’m now participating in one of the 15 best MIS programs in the country. When I feel overwhelmed by my workload or my work schedule, I rely on the perspective Ed gave me about my career and my future. I made the right choice.

His direction lead me to an internship at SAP, one of the largest, most innovative enterprise software & cloud services providers in the world. I worked on projects for Bristol Myers-Squibb, Coca-Cola, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, and plenty others. Now I’m interning at the same company under the global head of one of SAP’s most successful products.

I’m happier than ever, all thanks to Ed’s experience, compassion, and guidance. He’s a super guy.

Alexandra Iacovetti

Global Project Manager, SAP

I worked with Ed as part of a year-long Leadership Development program that included group training sessions and individual coaching for 20 high-potential leaders. We shared responsibility for delivering group leadership sessions and then each had half of the coaching clients for 1:1 leadership coaching.

Collaborating with Ed was a dream: he is skillful, personable, engenders trust as a colleague as well as a coach. Even under difficult circumstances, he makes the work a joy. He can handle whatever situation arises with grace and skill — and a great attitude. Ed is a positive and uplifting influence consistently.

Even more important a results of Ed’s skill and approach to coaching was the universally positive progress of his coaching clients and the trusting relationships he developed with them. He is an outstanding coach, a trusted colleague, and a good human being. I would bring Ed into any client of mine without hesitation.

Lorraine Marino

Marino Consulting

Ed is not only a fantastic manager, but a fantastic career coach and fantastic person. He has mastered artful advising and coaching, whether it be a recent graduate who is seeking work or someone changing careers later in life. Ed is very easy to talk and relate to, as he’s understanding and encouraging. He is a straight-shooter and is honest which makes him very easy to work with. If you have a chance to work with Ed in any capacity, take it – because it’s an experience you’ll always appreciate!
Deanna (Mastropietro) Parkton

Delaware Valley University

Ed helped me stay focused on my goals and helped me make the important decisions I needed to make for my own happiness and personal growth. He is an asset to any individual who is willing to ask themselves tough questions about where they want to be and what they need to live their own truth. I will hire him again and again. He is an excellent coach and a wonderful person.
Kimberly (Cassidy) Cheever


Ed has a wonderful way about him- that combined with his skills makes him my choice for any kind of coaching. In fact, I have sent two friends to Ed and he helped them figure out what they wanted – and how to go get it!! He’s the best! Linda Karp
Linda Karp

Karp Marketing

Ed was absolutely wonderful to work with. He helped me gather my thoughts and understand my career path and the best positions to look into for my strengths. He was patient, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable when it came to career advice, and especially for me, resume advice. Ed really meets you where you’re at, regardless of where you are in your career. I cannot thank Ed enough for all of his help!

Allison Levine

Human Resources & Business Operations

I reached out to Ed to help me in an important career transition, and he didn’t disappoint. As someone who had recently been diagnosed with ADHD, I’d had trouble picking a career direction to stick with. It was difficult to even think about working on my resume without getting overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Ed was extraordinarily pleasant to work with, answered all my questions, and left me with a better understanding of myself. I have worked with other career coaches before, but I’d never gotten such great results as I did when I worked with Ed. Thanks again! (edited)

Cordelia Urquhart

Visual/UI Designer

After being employed with the same company for more than twenty years, the idea of searching for a new job was a daunting task. Ed was very personable and made me feel comfortable the first time I spoke with him. He helped me gained clarity regarding the type of job I needed to find and would be happy with. I was very pleased with his service and would recommend him to anyone!
Holly Beebee

Dancin' Chairs

Ed is passionate about helping his employees experience personal and professional growth. He has been an excellent mentor and source of knowledge over the past two years. Thanks for being you Ed!
Marc A. Scoleri

CORE Real Estate

Ed is a very knowledgeable coach and an excellent human being. He is always willing to give you help and advice. More than once I have counted on Ed and his expertise to move forward my career and my life. I strongly recommend Ed!
Jonathan Rodriguez


Ed Hunter has provided clear and concise coaching techniques which have enabled me to fine-tune my personal life and create a vision for future possibilities. Every busy professional deserves a resource as valuable and committed and Ed Hunter.
Marc A. Scoleri

CORE Real Estate

During my recent career transition, I am fortunate be working with Ed Hunter as a coach. His knowledge, insight, attentive ear, genuine caring, and sage counseling have been a great source of guidance and support to help me in finding the best career path. I highly recommend Ed to anyone who is in career transition, considering one, or who may be seeking greater awareness of both professional and personal goals.
Glenn Groves

Rowan College Gloucester County

I began working with Ed in April 2013 after leaving a position and finding myself at a professional crossroads. I was unhappy in the career path I had been on and was really looking to pursue a new position in the same field that was more in line with my skills and interests. With Ed’s expert advice and guidance I was able to pinpoint a role that suited me and that I had great interest in doing. He helped me become an expert networker and encouraged me throughout my exploration to have more confidence in myself and trust in the process. Ed cares for each and every one of his clients and is available at any time for support and on-the-spot tips, if needed. Although it is understood that the hard work is my responsibility, I truly believe I owe a great deal of my success to him.
Jamie Trimmer

Five Below

Ed was an amazing coach for me as I was making some very challenging life and career transitions. He was compassionate, open, and nonjudgmental. He listened well, challenged me, and created safe space for me to express all sides of my thinking. He gave opinions in a way that I could hear while he always encouraged me to follow my own compass- even when it was quite different from his own leanings.

During the year that I worked with Ed I went from being very scared about not knowing what direction to follow in my next career steps- feeling like I was about to step of the edge of a cliff, to settling into my new direction with confidence and courage. I was so inspired by Ed’s work that I studied life coaching myself and have since opened my own business to coach artists and people wanting to nurture their creative lives. I am very grateful to Ed for his wise and kind support!

Valerie Gilman

Taproot Arts and Insight

Ed and I worked together on my career transition for three months in the summer of 2015.

I found a great position in October. There’s recommendation #1 – his work was effective for me!

If you need more detail, here you are:

In my experience, here are some strengths of Ed’s career coaching services:
– Well organized administratively
– Knowledgeable and professionally trained
– Experienced leader and career-development professional
– Interview tips and tricks were great and seemed effective
– Genuinely warm and friendly
– Genuinely cared about my success
– Always felt like Ed “had my back”
– Ed is highly intuitive
– Demonstrated appropriate humility and recognition of limitations
– Good listener

Here is an area of improvement. When I shared this item with Ed, he welcomed the feedback and expressed commitment to working on it:
– Sometimes too much ‘motivational’ communication coming at me rather than Ed asking pointed questions in order to spur self-motivation. Ed is a good listener, but my preference was for more listening and asking rather than telling.

In summary, Ed’s career coaching service met my desired outcomes and demonstrated every competency I expected, both in terms of “hard” skills and “soft” skills. I would therefore highly recommend Ed for career-coaching and executive coaching in general.

Ken Rosso, MBA, Prosci CMP

Wharton Executive Education