I don't know what I want my career to be. I just know it's not this I need to work, but my job is ruining my family life. I need balance-but how? I'm feeling stuck. I want to make big changes, but I just can't seem to get moving. I'm unhappy in my job but I have bills to pay. Can I make a career change while still working? I want a coach to help me move out of my comfort zone I'm ready to take my career to another level. I want a coach to help me make it happen. I'm drained at the end of the day. I want a career that doesn't bleed me dry. I'm successful, but I don't feel happy. I want more balance.

Hello, and welcome to the Life in Progress – Career and Executive Coaching website. I'm Ed Hunter, founder and head coach of Life in Progress with over 20 years corporate experience specializing in career services, marketing, and management.

We provide private, confidential coaching for individuals, organizations and groups. We believe in coaching the whole person; integrating each individual’s career and business goals with their most important life goals. Regardless of your reason for coaching – perhaps a successful career transition, improved executive effectiveness or a flourishing small business — we will always help you keep one eye on the bigger picture of a rich, fulfilling and balanced life. That belief is at the core of each of the three types of coaching we do: Career Coaching, Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

Located in the Philadelphia area, we provide in-person coaching for clients in the Philadelphia, Main Line, New Jersey and Delaware vicinity. Videoconference and phone coaching is used regularly for clients located across the U.S. and worldwide.

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